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GR - Countries recognised for STCW Certificates


Country recognised by STCW Certificates

Philippines, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, China, Australia, Georgia, Serbia, Pakistan, Canada, Russia, Cuba, Jordan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Montenegro,  Korea, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Barbados, Bahamas, Singapore, Liberia, Belize, Hong Kong, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Maritime education and training institutions which have been accredited by the MSs

There are eleven Merchant Marine Academies (MMAs), accredited in Greece, responsible for :


  • The introduction of  measures for the organization, improvement and modernization of seafarers’ basic education, further education and post training.
  • The study about the establishment, abolition, integration and territorial distribution of the Merchant Marine Schools.
  • The determination of the preconditions of new entry to Merchant Marine Schools, as well as the process of data concerning the entry, the evolution and the retirement from the marine profession of the Merchant Marine officers and ratings, which are under training and examination. Furthermore the adoption of measures in order to meet the needs of Merchant Marine shipping on qualified seafarers.
  • The development of Operational Regulations and Educational Programs of the Merchant Marine Schools and provision of relative instructions.
  • The selection or edition, reformation and modernisation of educational texts, books and supplements for the teaching courses in the Merchant Marine Schools.
  • The proposals for the necessary posts of administrative, educational and supporting staff of the Merchant Marine Schools.
  • The recommendations for training of the educational personnel of Merchant Marine Schools, in cooperation with the competent Directorate.
  • The defining timetables and analytical schedules of the students’ case studies, the form, the duration and the conditions of their onboard training.
  • The handling issues of equivalent diplomas and trainings of Merchant Marine Schools from abroad.


In addition, there are two Centres of Post Training for Deck/Engine Officers (KESEN), one Centre of Post Training for Radio Communicator Officers (KESEN/RH-RE) and two Schools of Life Saving and Fire Fighting Means