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IS - Countries recognised for STCW Certificates


Country recognised by STCW Certificates Maritime education and training institutions which have been accredited by the MSs

Iceland recognises States on the so-called IMO White List, with due reference to the latest version of the List of third countries recognised at EU level (STCW-IS). Iceland has concluded agreements with the following states for recognition of Icelandic STCW Certificates. Since there are no SOLAS ships flying the Icelandic flag, there is no need for Iceland to issue endorsements. Therefore, all the agreements are unilateral, i.e. the third countries are only recognising Icelandic Certificates of Competency and not vice versa. These are the States that have concluded unilateral agreements with Iceland for recognition of Icelandic CoCs: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Liberia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Vanuatu. Those agreements are all valid. Iceland did conclude agreements with several EU States and Norway before the List of third countries recognised at EU level was developed. Those agreements are technically still in force.

  • Technical College - School of Navigation - Navigation and shipping - STCW

  • Technical College - School of Marine Engineering - Marine Engineering training STCW

  • Comprehensive School of Akureyri - VMA - Marine engineering training STCW

  • The Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre (MSSTC) - STCW