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NL - The number of surveyors, inspectors and investigators

Based on information provided in 2021. To be completed once the missing information has been received from the Member State


Inspectors and investigators Number

Flag State Surveyors (FSI only)

15 surveyors and 2 dedicated inspectors (and PSCO also perform FSCO)

Auditors, e.g. ISM, ISPS etc.


Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) carrying out ship inspections (full time equivalent as per Article 29 of Directive 2009/16/EC)

26 (total number of surveyors available PSCO and FSCO)

Sulphur inspectors – if this is not carried out by PSCOs (ref. Directive (EU) 2016/802)


PRF (usage) inspectors (ref. Directive (EU) 2019/883) – if this is not carried out by PSCOs


Ship Recycling Inspectors (ref. Regulation (EU) 1257/2013 - if this is not carried out by PSCOs


Accident Investigators

1 Coordinator, most PSCOs may conduct accident investigation if required