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PL - National authority responsible for port reception facilities

Ministry of Infrastructure (CA in legislative matters)

Maritime Economy Department

ul. Tytusa Chalubinskiego 4/6

00-928 Warsaw, Poland

Website: https://www.gov.pl/web/infrastruktura


Maritime Office in Gdynia (CA in supervision matters)

ul. Chrzanowskiego 10

81-338 Gdynia


Website: https://www.umgdy.gov.pl


Maritime Office in Szczecin (CA in supervision matters)

Pl. Stefana Batorego 4

70-207 Szczecin


Website: https://www.ums.gov.pl


The link below connects to the relevant IMO GISIS page. To connect to it you need to register for free access to resources made available to the public by IMO

Link to GISIS: Port Reception Facilities