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ES - Member State fleet


The following two sets of data will be generated automatically as soon as the DONA statistical module will be ready




Frequency of update

G1 Conventional Ships by ship type and age distribution MARINFO Annually
G2 Flag-in and Flag-out in each MS by type of ship
Flag-in and Flag-out in each MS by originator country and destination country.
MARINFO Annually


The composition of the fleet is based on 2021 data. To be checked and updated by the MS

Composition of the fleet

Ship type                 

Number of ships in the register

Anchor handling tug/supply 5
Asphalt tanker 0
Barge 16
Bulk carrier 0
Bulk cement carrier 2
Bunkering tanker  
Cable ship 0
Chemical tanker 1
Combined chemical and oil tanker 6
Crane ship 3
Crude oil tanker 3
Dredger (1) 48
Exhibition ship 0
Ferry 138
Fire fighting tractor tug (2) Included in Salvage
Fire fighting tug (2) Included in Salvage
Fish carrier 1072
Fishery protection Included in Patrol Ship
Fishing (general) 5226
Fully cellular containership 1
General cargo 12
General cargo with container capacity 8
Grab dredger (1) Included in Dredger (1)
Hopper barge 42
Hopper dredger(1) Included in Dreger (1) 
Hospital ship 2
Landing craft 0
Liquid Natural Gas Carrier 15
Liquid Petroleum Gas Carrier 1
Oceanographic research 33
Passenger (cruise) 463
Passenger ro/ro 42
Patrol ship 223
Pollution control vessel Included in Salvage 
Pontoon 12 - 256
Product tanker 7
Reefer 4
Research 26
Roll On Roll Off  
Roll on roll off with container capacity 8
Salvage 411
Salvage tug Included in Salvage 
Seismographic research 0
Standby safety vessel  
Suction dredger Included in Dredger (1)
Suction hopper dredger Included in Dredger (1)
Tank barge 0
Tanker (unspecified) 0
Tender 0
Tractor tug Included in Tug
Trailing suction hopper dredger Included in Dredger (1)
Training 36
Trawler (All types) 883
Tug 91
Tug/supply 140
Vehicle carrier 5
Water tanker 13
Yacht 273825


Total no of vessels with an IMO number



< =100 GT                                    


101 < 500


> 500