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SE - Member State fleet


The following two sets of data are generated automatically in DONA’s Statistics Section. Click on G1 and G2 to consult that information.




Frequency of update

G1 Conventional Ships by ship type and age distribution MARINFO Annually
G2 Flag-in and Flag-out in each MS by type of ship
Flag-in and Flag-out in each MS by originator country and destination country.
MARINFO Annually


The composition of the fleet is based on 2021 data. To be checked and updated by the MS

Composition of the fleet
Ship type Number of ships in the register
Oil tanker 12
LNG tanker 2
Chemical tanker 12
Chemical tanker, IBC 23
Cement carrier 5
Vehicle carrier 9
Container ship 0
Ro-ro cargo ship 21
General cargo ship 33
Road ferry 26
Passenger ship 105
Icebreaker 5
Research vessel 4
Passenger ship, international traffic 27
Passenger ship acc to Dir. 98/18/EC 21
Fishing vessel acc to Dir. 97/70/EC 26
Ship for transportation of not more than 12 passengers 3
Tug/salvage ship 54
Fishing vessel 29
Pleasure craft 35
Barge 23
Service vessel 24
Unspecified vessel 32

Total no of vessels with an IMO number



< =100 GT                                    


101 < 500


> 500