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About DONA

The Dynamic Overview of National Authorities (DONA) is an EMSA application to support the Member States (MSs) and the European Commission (EC).

DONA has three distinct functionalities:

Country Profile:

A publicly available section of DONA which includes various type of information pertaining to how MSs have organised their competent authorities responsible for their Flag, Port and Coastal State obligations, as well as on authorities performing coast guard functions, or other competent authorities responsible for the implementation of EU legal acts falling within the mandate of EMSA.

Reporting Gate:

​​​​​​​ A single-entry portal with restricted access, through which MSs could, in accordance with a pre-agreed list of reports and templates report to the EC on the implementation of various EU legal acts.


A restricted area of DONA, available only to designated users from the MSs, where EMSA uploads regularly, maritime related statistics from data sources available in EMSA, thus supporting MSs in their capacity as Flag, Port and Coastal States and their monitoring activities in measuring their own performance.