EMSA’s Integrated Maritime Data Environment (IMDatE)


The Integrated Maritime Data Environment (IMDatE) is a technical framework that collects and combines data from EMSA's maritime applications and other external sources to provide more comprehensive and configurable services to users. It also supports the relay of data between the maritime applications themselves, based on existing access rights.

What it does

IMDatE supports and enhances the portfolio of services provided by the existing EMSA applications. The new functionalities provide more options for data visualisation, data analysis, a single sign-on process, new machine-to-machine interfaces and automated vessel behaviour monitoring. Verification of data also improves the quality of data across the systems, for example through the confirmation of vessel details across different vessel registries.

Users who combine functions, for example vessel traffic monitoring and marine pollution control, if they have the necessary access rights, benefit from being able to obtain an integrated overview of maritime activity in their area of interest. Data is delivered via a web interface or distributed automatically to authorised external systems in accordance with the access rights.

A number of pilot projects have been established to explore the possibility of adding new streams of data to the existing maritime picture provided by the Agency, such as Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) data and Satellite AIS data. The IMDatE platform will offer a dedicated Data Processing Centre for satellite AIS, and will also facilitate the processing and distribution of other new data sources.