Welcome to the STCW Information System (STCW-IS)

Developed by EMSA, the STCW-IS is a web-based information system designed to help all those wishing to find reliable information on both national maritime administrations and maritime education and training (MET) institutions.

With the cooperation of the participating countries (EU Member States and also non-EU countries providing seafarers to work on board EU flagged vessels) the system compiles information on the following three main areas:


•          The Parties to the STCW Convention that are recognised by each country,
•          The number of dispensations issued per year,
•          The legislation through which the STCW Convention was implemented at country level, and
•          The career paths for maritime education, training and certification;


•          Details of the quality management system in place (if any),
•          Contact information for all entities involved in the implementation of the STCW Convention in each country, and
•          The type of certificates of competency issued by those entities;

 MET Institutions:

•          Details of the quality management system in place (if any),
•          Contact information and structure of the maritime training institutions available in each country,
•          Their maritime education and training programmes,
•          The number of diplomas issued by the institutions, and
•          The type of training facilities made available for maritime education and training.


The STCW-IS is also able to produce general statistics and reports based on the information available in the system.

The information has been provided or validated by the participating countries that are responsible for checking the information, identifying errors and requesting corrections.

Updates of information or requests for corrections can be sent to the following e-mail address: stcw-is@emsa.europa.eu

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