Welcome to the STCW Information System (STCW-IS)

Developed by EMSA, the STCW-IS is a web-based information system designed to help all those wishing to find information on the seafarers’ certification and training at EU level. In addition, the system gathers information on certificates and endorsements issued to seafarers by the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. Thus, providing for information on the potential number of officers available to crew ships under the EU flags.

We invite you to navigate through the left Menu and explore the information as detailed below:

  1. The Country, Administration and MET (Maritime Education and Training) tabs, leads to related generic information provided or validated by the participating EU Member States, Iceland and Norway
  2. The Seafarers Stats tab, directs to the interactive reporting module where statistics on the number of seafarers holding EU certificates and endorsements can be tailored according to the users’ needs
  3. The Documents tab links to the following additional information:

        - The list of third countries recognised at EU level
        - The reports on Seafarers’ Statistics in the EU published since 2016
        - The chronological list of STCW visits and inspections conducted by EMSA

The participating countries are responsible for checking the information, identifying errors and requesting corrections.

Any updates of information or requests for corrections can be sent to the following e-mail address: stcw-is@emsa.europa.eu