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Country Profile is a publicly available section of DONA, which aims to offer added value both to the public and to the shipping industry, by making available the following:

  1. EU Member States’ competent authorities responsible for the flag-, port- and coastal State functions, including those responsible for the coast guard functions  and/or for the implementation of EU maritime legal acts;
  2. Contact details of the mentioned competent authorities, which can be published without impairing the work and functioning of the competent authority;
  3. How the EU Member states’ respective bodies fulfil their obligations under the EU maritime legislation and the international conventions;
  4. Information on the approved entities and institutions.

The Country Profile section is divided into four parts to present general information followed by the flag-, port- and coastal State activities.


The information provided in these Country Profiles is supplied by the relevant States’ competent authorities. Our goal is to maintain this information updated and accurate. If inaccuracies are brought to our attention, we will address them together with the data provider. However, EMSA is not responsible for any error, omission or inaccuracy that may occur in the Country Profile of each State.


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Web Content Display