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LV - Countries recognised for STCW Certificates


Country recognised by STCW Certificates Maritime education and training institutions which have been accredited by the MSs

The certificate-issuing Parties recognized by the Republic of Latvia :


  • Republic of Azerbaijan;

  • Arab Republic of Egypt;

  • Georgia;

  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China;

  • Republic of India;

  • Republic of Indonesia;

  • Malaysia;

  • Republic of Korea;

  • Russian Federation;

  • Sultanate of Oman;

  • Republic of Singapore;

  • Ukraine;

  • European Union and European Economic Area Member States

  • Latvian Maritime Academy,
  • Liepaja Maritime College,
  • Novikontas Maritime College,
  • Lapa Ltd,
  • Zerko Ltd, Marine training Ltd, 
  • Libau Training Center,
  • Baltic Offshore Training Centre.

These centres are approved to provide maritime education and training programmes for seafarers in Latvia.


List of approved education institutions and programmes can be found here: https://www.lja.lv/index.php/en/registry-seamen/training-seafarers/professional-education-programmes


 List of approved maritime training institutions and programmes can be found here: